Our goal with Halide is to create a workshop that embodies an ongoing sense of growth and exploration. Halide workshop will be offered on a semi-annual basis and will bring together leading film photographers in the area to teach, bring you behind-the-scenes of their process and business, and to come together to create beautiful imagery you’ll be proud to incorporate into your portfolio. We’re passionate about traditional film, and know this hands-on learning will highlight all the strengths of our favorite capture method. We’re focused on artistic growth, the joy of exploration and community building, and building your comfort with creating beautiful film imagery in a variety of lighting scenarios. You’ll leave feeling refreshed, empowered to create, and ready to incorporate more film photography into your business and brand.

Our growing list of contributors: Luna Moss (florals), Uncommon Feasts (dining), August & Osceola (paper goods), Kadeema (specialty rentals), Soul Cake Shop (cake), Store Ore (jewelry), Villageworks Loft (venue)Gabriella Riggieri (design), Elizabeth LaDuca (instruction), Arielle Doneson (breakout session)

HALIDE: The sensitive crystal elements in film which change their structure when excited by light to create an image.


Day One Overview: Day one will be our classroom day. We’ll feature open discussions, answer attendee questions, and explore the technical and creative aspects of film. Some sample topics are listed below!

  • technical

    • selecting the right film camera for the job,

    • favorite film stocks and labs

    • how to find the best light (my wedding day formula!)

    • metering techniques

  • business

    • how to incorporate film into your shooting process for a wedding day or session

    • how to plan for the cost of shooting film

    • Organizing and loading film on a wedding day

    • Communication with the lab

    • Incorporating film into your packages

  • style

    • the decisive moment, artistic storytelling, composition and light

Attendees will be encouraged to submit specific questions ahead of time to help receive specific and targeted answers!

Day Two Overview: Day two will be our shooting day! Attendees will break into small groups and will have access to one-on-one time with Beth, Gabby and Arielle. We’ll cover live demonstrations of loading film, metering in different lighting situations, the types of moments we look for in storytelling imagery, and the creative process. Attendees will also get to shoot a roll or two through a variety of 35mm and medium format film cameras!

  • vignettes

    • A beautiful installation from Luna Moss with a gorgeous model and fashion-forward gown

    • A large styled table setting

    • A flatlay styling station with invitation suites, rings, florals and styling items

    • A Dutch Masters inspired still life to explore playing with dark and moody light on film

    • An active exploration of photographing for emotive storytelling, motion and food photography during our interactive dining experience with Uncommon Feasts

to view the moodboard for our shoot day, and for more information, download the guide for HALIDE I.